Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stock Market Video - Outlook and Setups With Some Bottoming Plays - 3-9-14

Hi traders. The market had a little selling come in Thursday and Friday, but overall it continues to hold up very well. A bit more rest is not a bad thing here, as it would allow more setups to emerge. In the video, I highlight the stocks I am watching this week, along with what I look for in a long term bottom in a stock. There are several names recently that I have seen put in this potential clue and they are discussed in the video.  For instance, PLUG showed this same volume pattern late last year and is why I put it on my list of stocks for 2014.  I stupidly sold out however at $3 and then again last week because BLDP had earnings the next day.  Hope the video helps you out. 


Anonymous said...

very nice video, should do it every week. thanks

Lyle Navel said...

Thanks, I appreciate the video.