Sunday, February 9, 2014

Stock Market Video - "Is The Correction Over?" - 2/9/14

Hi traders. In this video I discuss the positive action we saw from the market on both Thursday and Friday and what it might mean going forward. I also discuss the leading stocks at the moment and the two names I will always be focusing on from here. Some potential setups going forward are shared at the end of the video.


JL said...

Hey thanks for the video! I always enjoy when I catch that you made one. I appreciate your work in putting out a good potential swing watch list. Just wanted to give you the heads up on two of your watchlist stocks.

GAME - received an offer for $6.90/sh

SALE - popped on EPS Thursday AM

Thanks again and Good Luck this week!

Anonymous said...

Too early to tell? Man, you want to wait till we hit 52 wk high and then buy. I have been buying since Feb 3rd. You let me know when you buy after the correction is over and you missed the