Sunday, November 24, 2013

Stock Market Video - Outlook and Setups for Thanksgiving Week - "Positive Bias But Still Iffy "

Hi traders.  We have a holiday trading week ahead of us and as such, you can expect lower trading volumes and (at least historically) a positive bias.   The market is in grind up mode but I continue to see issues underneath the surface and the stocks that suit my style just aren't acting as well as they did a few weeks or months ago.  I've been harping on this for a while now and perhaps in two or three months it will all make sense.  In the meantime, I included some setups on both sides of the market that will hopefully make some money in the week ahead.  I am still in short-term mode until I see individual names act better.

I get a lot of emails about the scans and indicators I use in TC2000, which is the trading software I use on a daily basis and in the weekly videos.  Since many of those scans are proprietary and have taken a lot of work to develop and implement, I am somewhat reluctant to share them to everyone.  Over the past few weeks however, I have had several requests to set up my scans and TC2000 setup/layout on other user's systems and have been able to oblige those folks for a fee.   If this is something you are interested in, please email me and I can give you further details.  This would allow you to run the exact same scans and indicators that I have developed and use in my TC2000 program.  I am also working on starting up a one-on-one mentoring/consulting program online where I can teach you how to use these scans to help you find daily setups, as well as incorporate other important aspects of any trading plan such as market timing and technical analysis into your personal trading.  If you are interested, please feel free to contact me via email or Twitter

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