Sunday, September 29, 2013

Stock Market Video - Outlook and Setups for Week of September 30, 2013 - "Tale of Two Markets"

Hi traders - here's the video for the week ahead.  It was an interesting week in that we saw some real weakness is big-time leading stocks early last week but for almost all of those leaders, that weakness turned out to be temporary.   The S&P continues to struggle to do much of anything positive but with the daily charts of the Nasdaq and Russell 2000 looking the way they do, it is hard to get bearish about much here.  Basically as IBD said this weekend, we kind of have two different markets here, and two are either going to bring the other one up or vice versa.   Since most individual stocks still look quite strong and bullish, I have to remain bullish going forward.   If we see more sessions like Monday without leaders bouncing back, then I will change my outlook.   Hope the setups help you out.   Good luck in the week ahead. 


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