Sunday, July 15, 2012

Stock Market Video - If This Market is Giving You Fits, You're Not Alone - 7/15/12

Hi traders - here's the video with some stocks to watch for the week ahead.   In the video, I also look at why this market has been so tough recently.  Maybe it's just me, but swing trading has been virtually impossible recently as whipsaw, false breakouts, false breakdowns, and volatile market moves are making things extremely difficult.  Don't get frustrated if you're having trouble - I know I am and I think a lot of traders are as well (although they might not talk about it).  Hopefully a better market is around the corner....maybe.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ryan,

Just put you on my follow list about 2 weeks ago and wanted to say thanks for honesty in this post. It helps cushion the frustration.

took a position last friday and am holding my breath...under water.
What is most interesting to me about your comments is that this lines up with what Tom Demark said a couple months back - basically, that both bulls and bears would be frustrated in the ensuing months.

There seems to be a battle going between the election year bulls and the debt crisis bears.

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where George does the opposite of everything he feels compelled to do,....and thereby comes out ahead.

Maybe it's a Costanza market?



Mac said...

It's been a Costanza market for a long time. We got a brief respite from it in Jan and Feb. This whole rally from 2009 has been Costanzaesque as it is just occuring because of the Fed giving no other real options except the market for investing.

Marvin said...

Hey Ryan,

I agree, these markets have been very frustrating, especially for those that trade directional strategies.

I'm curious, have you ever tried options?

Anyhow, we have earnings this week and hopefully it will clear up some of the indecisiveness in market. Let's hope at least.