Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stock Market Videos - Overall Market Outlook and Setups for the Week Ahead - March 24, 2012

Hi traders - here are two videos for the week ahead.

Part one of this video takes a look at the overall market and where we are at heading into next week. I also look at my current positions and some of the names I shared this week on the blog.

Part two goes over the long setups I am watching. I need to narrow this list down but I flagged the ones that are what I would call "higher quality" stocks, meaning stocks with good fundamentals and charts. Hope some of these play out well next week.


Hope you enjoy the videos and find them informative.  Best of luck next week.


Anonymous said...

Great video and stock selections Mac. Friday, I entered THLD, JVA and VVUS. Thank you again !
- Steve Clem

Mac said...

Thanks Steve - glad you like them. Good luck with the setups.