Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stocks Market Videos - Outlook for the Week Ahead and Knowing When to Sell Winners

Hi traders - here are two videos for you this Sunday.  The first video looks at the overall market for the week ahead and some stocks that are worth adding to your watchlist to see if they set up later in the week. I posted specific setups for Monday on this site yesterday so please check them out. I am watching one key level on the overall market and discuss that in the video.

The second video is an educational one (I wish I had more time to do more of these but I just can't on a free site like this).   It deals with the hardest part of trading in my opinion - knowing when to sell.  Although I have started out the year well (up about 10% right now), I have also violated my selling rules several times this year that cost me bigger gains in several stocks.  I discuss these examples and why both patience and rules are important when selling.  My main sell rule is discussed as well and with the examples provided, it is easy to see why it works well in trending markets like the current one.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the great videos!!

Tai said...

Mac, I wish I would have seen this video a month or even a couple weeks ago. My problem is that I hold onto the stocks too long in hopes of a reversal. If I would have used the 9D as a stop point I would have profited instead of lost money. Thanks for your video. Much appreciated.