Sunday, January 8, 2012

Stock Market Video - "Will the Second Week of 2012 Be Easier Than the First?" - 1/8/12

Hi, traders - here's a shorter video to get you ready for the week ahead.   The first week of 2012 was unfortunately not that much different from 2011 from where I sit.   After gapping up Tuesday, the market basically went nowhere and we still haven't seen the type of trading that tells us the market is ready to take off on a nice rally.  Some stocks worked this week, but many also just whipsawed traders around (myself included) and did nothing.  I am still leaning bullish and hopeful that can occur, but I am also thinking maybe this is just the type of market we're going to be stuck with again like last year.   I really hope I am wrong on that account.

The video goes over the levels to watch on the major indices and some potential setups for the week ahead.   I have to be honest - I didn't see many great setups on either side of the market when I went through my scans, which is kind of weird.   I may be sticking to some ETFs early in the week because of this.

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Anonymous said...

Market seems to be replicating the economy: dull and lifeless