Monday, January 9, 2012

More Setups Tonight Than Over the Weekend - Hopefully That's a Good Sign

Hi, traders - market didn't do much of anything today except mess around and go basically nowhere.   The flag that is continuing to form on the S&P looks very nice and hopefully will lead to an overall market breakout and rally here, but the bulls just don't seem to have the "oomph" right now that they need to make that happen.  Maybe earnings season will provide the fuel to get this thing moving.

I saw quite a few more setups in my scans tonight that over the weekend, so here they are.  I entered some small positions near the end of today's session as swings and am looking for follow-through tomorrow.   I've made one big mistake so far this year - let go of NFLX way too early and am missing this huge short squeeze.   I need to get some winners going to make up for that colossal mistake.  

Hope the video helps you out.   Good luck Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Mac, don't push it.. Letting NFLX go to quick might be a mistake. but try not to "make up for it". You have another 50 weeks to find a good stock... no rushing and force trade..
I am with you. hope the bull coming soon...


Mac said...

That was more a figure of speech than anything else.