Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rough Start, Good Ending - Still Somewhat Bullish

I wasn't watching the market much today due to commitments at work, but after some heavy early selling, the afternoon bounce back was at least nice to see.   I was stopped early on two of my three longs from yesterday - it happens (a lot in this market).   I went into a few small positions today as I still expect the market to attempt to rally a bit more from here.   We're getting to some interesting levels that (if broken) could lead to some nice year-end action.
Russell 2000
 S&P 500

A few names I am watching here are shown below.   I am not being very aggressive with anything here as the market remains too volatile to be aggressive, but it's worth keeping a watchlist ready now because you just never know when the market will end this miserable chop and get a bit of a trend going.   Not saying that it's going to be now, but you always want to be prepared.



Anonymous said...

Love your posts! Which website charts do you show? How did you setup Pocket Pivot?

Mac said...

I use TC2000 software from Worden Brothers. If you click on the "Telechart" link on my website, it will give you more information along with a free two week trial.

The pocket pivot scan is also detailed in my "favorite posts" page at the top of the website.