Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stock Market Video - "Bullish But With One Foot Out The Door" - 10/16/11

Hi, traders.   Last week, I discussed my opinion that for the long-term health of this rally attempt, the market really needed a rest or consolidation period.   So much for that.   The market was up each of the five days this week and the squeeze/rally we've seen the past two weeks is getting historical in nature.   My basic outlook as discussed in the video is to remain bullish but also have one foot out the door, ready to go to cash at a moment's notice.  I discuss why in the video.   I also share names I have on my watchlist that will be worth following this week.   Please check earnings dates on any stocks you may be interested in, as the earnings seasons starts up for real this week. 

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Anonymous said...

hi mac

though everything looks like stop by the resistance line and so much like a throwback. but i am not ready to enter short position yet. it just looks so obvious.

simply say, i cant chart or interpret wheres the market going. one of the worst time in my TA life.