Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Stock Market Video - "A Bottom or Not? Interpreting Today's Crazy Intraday Action" - 10/4/11

After today's crazy action, I decided to move the mid-week video up a day to discuss what we saw out there at the end of the session.   It is way too early to say if today was a bottom or not.  All you can really say is that it was positive, although it does have its question marks (specifically the intraday action which seemed almost manufactured to me).  I covered all my shorts early today and am riding one long as of now, but may look to add a few more depending on how the market acts the next few days.   I discuss the names holding up best in this market in the video and give some ideas for the rest of the week in terms of interpreting today's move.

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Christian said...

Yeah I got burned too today, not sure what's going on with the market. I agree, that last 15 minutes looks so sketchy, I have no idea what happened there. Great video!