Monday, April 25, 2011

State of the Stock Market - 4/20/11 - "Good Action"

A few tweets that would have made you money over the past few days...

Posted this one last Thursday after-hours (traded between $6.80 and $7.00 in the AH)...

DTLK is up about 15% since then.

Posted the earnings video Saturday afternoon and this tweet Sunday night.  SOHU and CYOU were up about 10% each today and about 8% and 3% higher than where they opened today respectively. 

Another tweet Sunday night in regards to Sunday's video.   REE up 5% today.  UFPT up 4%.   CCIH and SPRD both up 2%. WAVX is only one that looks bad after today.

To be fair, I also tweeted this today (and have tweeted similar thoughts the past few days).   Not sure what to think about the shiny metal after today - volume was heavier but maybe it still has more room to run as part of a climax move, so I could be wrong. 

No market summary today - I put a heck of a lot of free information out this weekend and I'm taking a break.   Good luck Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mac, appreciated.

Anonymous said...

hi mac
nice trades. in addition to my commment yesterday (dun short the index/ETF), i would add that "dun long index/ETF" too. lets focus on individual stocks and take this ride before end. mac, pls share when u spot possible reversal signal on stocks. we should be less aggressive by that time.

happy trading!

Chart Analysis said...

Ha, just read your last tweet. I just got finished scanning and was thinking there seemed to be a lot of bullish setups too, though I didn't think it to be a bad thing. Even if this is a trap, you have to be bullish at this point until something major changes.