Sunday, January 16, 2011

Long Setups from My Scans for the Week of January 18. 2010

Hi, traders.  No video today but here are candidates worthy of being watched closely this week.  I have been spending recent weeks trying to fine tune and streamline my main buying scans in Telechart.   I am down to three main ones I use.   They are not perfect, as I still visually go through and eliminate many charts from the scans each night, but they seem to be working well as a group so far this year.   Here they are...

Main Buy Scan - None of Interest from Friday

Breakout Candidates Scan - Main idea is that these stocks should breakout soon (meaning the next day) and are buy candidates when the signal is shown. 


Pocket Pivot Scan - I have tweaked this scan as time goes on and these are the stocks I would be interested in from Friday's results.


Other Candidates - Basically, these are candidates that have shown up in scans before and that I keep on my watchlist.   They are candidates strictly on their patterns.

All Charts from Telechart, Courtesy of Worden Brothers, Inc.

If you're interested in the scans, you have to be a Telechart user and also have to email me and perhaps I can give you a bit more information.   Frankly, with the amount of free information and stock picks that are given out on this blog every week, I get very little feedback and I am growing weary of continuing to post as much as I do and share as much as I do(for instance, this post took about an hour of my time), especially considering the success of some candidates I have shared over the past month.  This is an issue I really have to think about over the next few weeks - is this worth continuing and are people benefiting?

Check out the links and then check out where the stocks are now - some major gains that were shared here (for free) over the past month.

Here are the 5-day growth results from last weekend's video candidates as well.   Small caps first...
  • JAZZ - 13.11%
  • MHR - 10.85%
  • SPRD - 8.46%
  • KH - 7.47%
  • TDSC - 4.23%
  • QEP - 3.58%
  • SVN - 2.57%
  • EXPR - 0.95%
  • MAPP - 0.84%
  • VRGY - (0.30%)
  • RITT - (17.99%)  (never went above $8 which was the long trigger)
 Now the big caps....
  • RAX - 11.49%
  • IDT - 9.76%
  • NFLX - 6.79%
  • EZPW - 6.43%
  • BEXP - 5.66%
  • MBI - 4.98%
  • DECK - 4.39%
  • RHT - 0.33%
  • FOSL - (2.24%)
  • CREE - (4.31%)  (should have been out at open Thursday)
Enjoy your Sunday and Monday, and good luck in the upcoming week ahead.  As always, if you have questions or comments, please feel free to email me or share them on the blog.


Phil said...

Thank you! I really like your blog. Not sure why there aren't more comments. Please keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Tried to email you a thanks, hopefully it went through. -Chris (xstopher@)

Jeff said...

My view on blogs are if they make you money and help you stay focus or help you in any other way - just do it - if not it is a waste of time no matter how good the info is - my two cents - and I will end with a "thank you" - :)

The Denarii Trader

ebcarpentry said...

Your hard work and dedication is very much appreciated on the stream and hope you continue... It is people like you that help me become a successful trader... Not just for the watchlist picks but to study and learn why you are looking at those picks ect... As a trader of 2+ years I feel like I am on my way to become a full time trader... Thanks for your help.

Saby said...

Swing trader

I just got introduced to you blog. I think you are sharing very valuable information for people.

Keep on the good work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mac,

I've been lurking on your site for a long time. I think the service you provide is great.I hope you are doing it mainly for you, it helps me too. Keep up the good work and Thanks.


Anonymous said...


This is a great blog, I have learned a great deal from you. Your wknd videos are especially helpful to me. I have checked out literally hundreds of blogs related to trading and of those only 4 blogs are read daily. This is one of them.

Esther said...

Heck, just a "thank you" would be nice once in a while.

Thank you very much. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. And as I have commented in the past, so is your attitude. Skillful and humble is a good combination.

Thanks again.

Rhete said...

I come across your blog 2 months ago and after that, I watch your blog everyday and appreciate what you have done in the blog. Your pick and scan method are really valuable and teach me a lot. Will support you to the end. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

I am novice in this field. I find your blog very helpful. Its difficult to learn how to scan stocks and get the result that we want. It will be helpful if you can elaborate a bit on what information you put in to scan the breakout candidates. Thanks a lot!

Elizabeth said...

Hello Ryan (Mac); I've been receiving your posts for a couple of months and am sorry it took a nudge from you to let you know how much I look forward to them. I reiterate what "Anonymous" said on 1/16 in his/her 6 p.m. post: that of all the blogs out there, yours is one of just a few that I check regularly and that I feel benefit my trading. I admire your skill, your interest in your readers, and the humility with which you share your knowledge. I'm keeping an eye on your list of stocks for 2011Several have had great runs already. Also like the set up of your site; clean, with minimal distractions. Please keep it coming!

Dale said...

Ryan, Thank you! Your efforts are greatly appreciated and I have learned a lot from your blog and have made some nice profits based on the stocks you discuss. I also enjoy your commentary on the overall market direction. Please continue your posts and know that your time and efforts are greatly aprreciated! Thank you again!

Dale said...

Ryan, Thank you! Your efforts are greatly appreciated and I have learned a lot from your blog and have made some nice profits based on the stocks you discuss. I also enjoy your commentary on the overall market direction. Please continue your posts and know that your time and efforts are greatly aprreciated! Thank you again!

mushin said...

I check out your blog all the time, I think it's awesome. Thank you for all the hard work you put into it, I truly appreciate it.

Ed Heath said...

I enjoy reading your blog and like your weekend videos. Although I don't comment, I find your information worthwhile! Please consider continuing even though I understand how frustrasting it is wondering "why" you do it.
Ed H.

Anonymous said...

Yes. I agree with everyone's comments. Your work is very valuable. Please continue to do it.

D Wills said...

Hey I've been following your blog the past few months and it is my favorite of all the trading blogs I read. You do a great job with your scans and consistent postings. Your insight is appreciated as well as your attitude. Keep up the good work!

Chris said...

Don't stop! Great info. I just found it a couple weeks ago. To say thanks I'll click an ad.

Anonymous said...

I like your blog, I like your attitude and I appreciate your hard work. Thank you !!

Anne said...

Your post of trade set-ups are awsome. Thank you for all you help. They have made me more knowlegeable and I am grateful for your trade idea's because they are spot on!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the great info you are giving us. I am novice trader and I come into your site 6 months ago. I've been reading and waiting for your blog every night since then. I really appeciate all the things you do.

Steve said...

I echo many of the comments already written here. I really enjoy reading your blog and sure hope they continue. Thank you!