Sunday, November 28, 2010

Stock Market Video - Technical Outlook and Setups for Post-Thanksgiving Week - 11/29/10

Hi, traders.   I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and is enjoying the weekend.   We had a choppy week last week, which is pretty typical of holiday trading, but it leaves the market in a questionable position.   Neither the bears nor bulls seem very strong right now, so trying to figure out which way we go from here is hard.   Keep an open mind - personally, I am leaning for more chop through the end of the year.  I discuss why in part one of the video.

In part two, I go over some potential setups for the week ahead, although one reason I am expecting more chop is that I just don't see that many quality setups out there right now.   Not too much excites me.   This may be partly subconscious because I can't trade until this Scottrade mess gets worked out and I decide which brokerage I want to move to so be aware of that. 

Hope you find the videos helpful and informative.   As always, feel free to email me with questions or comments - I enjoy hearing from my readers.   Have a great Thanksgiving week and good luck.

To see the video in HD, please click "720p" and "Full Screen" on the video bar - HD will be available after processing.

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