Saturday, October 2, 2010

Stock Market Video - Market Outlook and A List of Stocks to Watch - 10/1/10

Hi, traders.   Part one of this week's video goes over the market and the two possible scenarios I see playing out right now.   I would remain slightly bullish to neutral until we actually see the signal I discuss in the video that would alert us that the market is done short-term.

In part two, I go over the bullish stocks coming up in my scans.   Not all the stocks mentioned are buy candidates at this moment, but some are consolidating rather nicely after huge runs instead of selling off hard, which is a big positive for the overall market.   That's the type of action you want to see - big run-up that don't give back their gains when resting.

Part three goes over the leaders that I see flashing a few "warning signs" right now and what those might mean to the overall market.   If we see more leaders flashing these signs, it could mean trouble.

Hope you find the videos helpful and informative.   As always, feel free to email me with questions or comments - I enjoy hearing from my readers.   Have a great weekend and good luck next week.   (And if you're wondering if you're hearing extra things as you watch the videos, yes, those are my two little boys in the background.   If you're a parent, you know bedtime is one of the best times of the day, but also one of the craziest. ) 

To see the video in HD, please click "720p" and "Full Screen" on the video bar - HD will be available after processing.  


Sal M said...

Great Work!

I got in THQI on Friday, only half of my potential position. If it pulls back and holds the 20dma at 3.78 would you normally add there or wait a few days for confirmation??

Anonymous said...

excellent analysis, keep up the great work.

SAL M said...

You Showed XTEX in your screener. I found XTXI (its subsidiary) has more volume and similar setup. I am trading that instead since it has more volume.