Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stock Market Video - Market Outlook and A List of Stocks to Watch - 7/11/10

Hi, traders - here's the weekend video.  We certainly got the bounce many people were expecting this week, but each day came on lower volume and we have lots of resistance above to deal with.   Although IBD put the market back into rally mode, I still believe we will reverse and head lower soon.  Timing has proven difficult however.   Unless the bulls move sideways here for three or four days, I am sticking with that outlook.

Part two of the video focuses on the names that I would keep on my watchlist both on the long and short side.  I am not going long in anyway right now, but perhaps if the bulls consolidate the market without selling it off, then I would reconsider.   As such, you always want to be prepared.   I also include the shorts I am watching because overall that's still the more likely scenario in my mind - a selloff after perhaps a little bit further meltup.

To see the video in HD, please click "720p" and "Full Screen" on the video bar - HD will be available after processing.  


dyi said...

will you be willing to use candles instead of bars for your vids?

Mac said...

I personally prefer bars - it's what I've "grown up" with so I can't really use candles. Sorry.