Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stock Market Video - Watchlist for Thursday - 4/7/10

Here's a short video traders on some setups I am watching for tomorrow - I am seeing quite a few coiling patterns out there which makes me think we have a big move coming up one way or the other.   Hopefully it is up.  If it is, some of these stocks can run.   Good luck Thursday. 

Please click "720p" and "Full Screen" to view the video in HD.


ppmoore said...


I've been following you on this blog for a few weeks now, and am impressed both with your picks, and how you rationalise them.

I notice you use TC2007. From what I remember, this software doesn't have extensive pattern scanning capabilities. I would be interested if you could explain how you scan for these picks. Also, how you manage watchlists, my watchlists always start getting unmanageable after a while.


Mac said...

You are right - telechart doesn't really scan for particular patterns. What I do with it is have about four main momentum scans that pick up the stocks each day that are up 4%, up a certain percentage over a certain period of time, there's a BOP scan I use. I can go through these scans each day and any stocks that popped I add to my long watchlist. Then each night I go through that watchlist to find potential buy candidates. Every so often I also make sure to go through the long watchlist strictly to try and get rid of some. The number I hold on that is usually between 200-300, and those are what I figure are the 200-300 strongest stocks with the most potential.

I will try to do a video on this at some point if I have time. Hope this helped.

ppmoore said...

Thanks Mac, I'll look forward to it.