Saturday, March 6, 2010

Stock Market Video - Weekend Watchlist - 3/7/10

Here's a video for the upcoming week. The bulls are certainly in control of things right now and even though there are a few negative divergences, they look like they will remain in control for the forseeable future. The market is overbought however so be careful chasing longs - we may see a pullback early on this week. If we do get a little pullback, I think you buy it, but waiting for it might be smarter than chasing stocks right now.

If you click "full-screen" and "720p" in the above videos, they will be much more detailed. YouTube takes a little time to process the videos fully to get them at the highest quality so if there is a delay or the quality is lower at first, I apologize - it will be in HD when fully processed.

One thing that I want to do more consistently, both for readers and myself, is to try and be more disciplined about posting results from the setups I put out there. Good or bad, I will try to do this more. Here is the first of what I hope is a consistent look at the video from last weekend and the setups presented on that video. Now, of course, these percentages are not exactly what you would have made, because entries would be different along with exits - some may have been stopped out with losses and some profits may have been taken quicker. But it does give you a look at what the setups did and if they were good or not. This past week, the video definitely showed some nice setups, with 5 out of 17 closing the week more than 10% higher than the previous week, and only three showing lower prices. Not bad at all.


Good luck next week and enjoy the rest of the weekend.


Adam said...

Mac, do you use Telechart Gold or Platinum?

Thanks for the weekend setups by the way and good luck next week.

Mac said...

If I was more of a day-trader, I would subscribe to Platinum for the real-time quotes but since I don't day trade that much and can't watch every minute of the action, I just go with gold. That works well enough for me. Thanks for the well-wishes.