Saturday, March 13, 2010

Stock Market Video - Outlook for Upcoming Week - 3/14/10

Hi, traders. Here's a three-part video this week looking at the market and the outlook for the upcoming week. Part one deals with the overall market - intermediate-term, I am definitely bullish but I still think we need a rest soon before moving higher. Part two deals with stocks I will be watching this week - I am not planning on getting aggressive on the long side but if a setup triggers, I will still take it (just with a quicker sell trigger). Part three deals with stocks that need rest and are not buyable yet but ones that should definitely be on your watchlists because they are acting very well.

If you click "full-screen" and "720p" in the above videos, they will be much more detailed. YouTube takes a little time to process the videos fully to get them at the highest quality so if there is a delay or the quality is lower at first, I apologize - it will be in HD when fully processed.

Here are the results from last week's video - as I said last week, these aren't necessarily that accurate as some of these were up much higher than they show now (CPSL, NLST for example) and could have been sold for 10%+ profit. Others would have been cut must quicker that the loss shown here as well (THM). But it gives you a general idea of what last week's video was like.

MAPP $14.21 $16.23 14.22%
NLST $4.20 $4.42 5.24%
USEG $6.15 $6.46 5.04%
HOV $4.20 $4.38 4.29%
GSM $10.71 $11.11 3.73%
CPSL $2.25 $2.33 3.56%
CYD $15.52 $15.81 1.87%
ENZ $6.15 $6.23 1.30%
LIWA $9.37 $9.40 0.32%
CCME $12.19 $12.04 -1.23%
STC $13.79 $13.46 -2.39%
PEIX $2.05 $2.00 -2.44%
HEK $6.18 $5.98 -3.24%
THM $6.80 $5.92 -12.94%

Best of luck next week. Take care.

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