Friday, March 12, 2010

State of the Market - 3/12/10

Boring day today on Wall Street - stocks sold off in the morning a bit but bounced back and finished about as flat as you can get for the session. Not bad when you think about it - the bulls just refuse to let this thing pullback at all. If we can get four or five more days of action like this and just move sideways, then we would have a great setup for the overall market.

Since the weekend is here, I'll make this post short and be back later with more information in the weekend video. I do have quite a few stocks that are looking very good to me right now on the long side - I just have to decide what is more important. Do I follow what the individual stocks are saying or do I focus more on the overall market, where I still believe we are long overdue for a pullback? I'll talk about both of these outlooks in the video so watch for it.

Take care and enjoy the time off this weekend.

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