Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stock Market Video - Weekend Watchlist - 1/9/10

Hi, traders. Here's a free video for the upcoming week - I see many, many nice looking charts right now. Actually, I may see too many - it kind of worries me when things so obvious as they do right now. Based on the charts, it seems like the market will advance from here and because of that, that's how I will play things. If the market pulls a surprise and reverses, my stops are in place but I think you have to stay long until that happens. The video goes over lots of charts that look good - keep them on your watchlists and you should have some nice plays next week. Take care and enjoy the weekend.

Click above links to open video in a pop-out window.

** Also - I realized that one point I forgot to put in the video but wanted to share was put the homebuilders on your watchlists. Many had huge volume moves this week and with a few days of rest should look very good on the long side. (MDC, LEN, BZH, KBH)

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positiontrader said...

Hi Mac!

I finally got down to start keeping a trading journal and it made sense to start writing it as a blog. The use of labels should make it easy to organize stuff plus I am hoping the fact that I am posting things in a public forum will stop me from doing stupid things like not respecting my stop loss.

I would really appreciate it if you could visit sometime and give me any advice/feedback. Its still in the building stages as I just started it this weekend. Needless, to say you were the first person I added to my blog list.