Sunday, December 13, 2009

Stock Market Video - Weekend Market Summary - 12/13/09

Hi, traders. Here's a video for the upcoming week with a look at the indices and some potential plays, mainly on the long side. Still locked in a range overall but there are some things to keep your eye on this week, and hopefully we can break this range soon. Have a great week of trading and best of luck.

Weekend Market Summary - 12/13/09
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I also wanted to give a final update about my consumer experience with US-Appliance. I did finally get my TV delivered this week - about five weeks after I ordered it. It was certainly a long wait, but it is an awesome TV and I can't complain too much since the price was about 25% lower than anywhere else I would have been able to get it when I factor the blu-ray player I plan on selling soon. By the way, if you're looking for a new TV, the LH90 series by LG is about as good as you can get, especially for the money.

In the end, US Appliance did deliver the goods - it was just a very long wait. So if you are looking to do business with them, I would say "go ahead" as long as you realize their shipping times are not great and they often don't have stock of the item when the order is placed. They also do charge your credit card which I don't like either. I don't know if I would do business again with them - depends on the price and product - but I don't plan on purchasing any big-ticket items for a while now, so it probably doesn't matter. Just my two cents.

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