Tuesday, December 29, 2009

State of the Market - 12/29/09

No market summary again today as there really isn't anything to talk about - very slow once again today and my guess is it will be like this until next Monday. I made a small entry into DUG today at $12.49 as a play on XOM and XLE, both of which look shortable to me.

I do plan on putting a few year-end posts together over the next few days - one dealing with the market as a whole and what this year has taught us as traders, and also one dealing with my personal experiences as a trader, my performance, and what I need to improve on to make next year better than this year. These posts may be in written or video form or maybe a combination of both. If I find time, I would also like to take a look at some of the top stocks of 2009 (probably in video form) and what we can learn from these big movers. That might not get done until next week however.

With the birth of our second child along with moving into a new, bigger house and the projects and work that go into that, it was quite the busy year for me. Finding time to spend reading about and studying the market has become much more difficult - not that I am complaining, just stating a fact. I don't know if that affected me this year or not, but it may have and is one of the things I want to work on in the upcoming year. Finding time to put meaningful content up on this blog was a challenge as well at times, but I hope the writings and videos from this past year were helpful and somewhat meaningful for you readers out there.

As this blog enters its third year, I wanted to encourage any readers out there to pass on suggestions as to what you would like to see from the blog as the new year starts. It is often hard to get a feel for what readers are thinking about the content I put out and feedback, whether good or bad, is always welcome. My main focus will continue to be market commentary but as time allows, I would like to provide additional content to interested readers. Again, this is only as time allows.

Feel free to leave comments or email me at mac_rmm@chartswingtrader.com with suggestions. I included a poll below as well with some ideas that if you have time you can share thoughts with as well. Thanks and best wishes as the new year approaches.


Allen said...

hi..i am now bookmarking your site...thanks for writing

as for suggestions, i find your watchlist is good value..if you could please categorize a long watchlist and short watchlist for the next day or two, that would be great..

a toast to a prolific and prosperous 2010!

Bob said...

I've been following your site for awhile. I enjoy your commentaries a lot. I am still learning so I am just soaking up whatever I can find. Please continue. Your insights (both good and bad) are very worthwhile.

Happy New Year!

positiontrader said...

Hi Mac!

I thought you would like this and it might help you set your new year trading goals.


Happy New Year to you and your family!

And thanks for the great work you do here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mac,
It's always difficult to strike the balance between trying to just make money without learning much and .. actually learning something and then using those techniques .. even if that means missing on possible money making opportunities.

I am kinda divided -- in that both individual trade setups as well as more education would be valuable. I know I am not answering your poll well, but I hope you realize that these two are both equally important for a trader .. atleast IMHO.

Good luck and here's hoping we all go on to a better year than the last one!