Monday, November 23, 2009

Update on US Appliance TV Order

I posted a few days ago about my experience purchasing a TV (the LG 47LH90) through the website At the time, I was very disappointed that they charged my credit card and then three weeks later told me they would not be getting any more TVs in and that I was out of luck.

Well, after talking to them several times today, it does look like they have found stock of the TV and have told me that I should be receiving tracking information on the TV by next week. I wanted to share this information to be totally fair to their website - they have always been very polite through my interactions with them, but I was just disappointed with their ability to deliver the goods in a timely manner.

I will update this issue as next week approaches. If I get the TV I ordered in the first place, then I will officially take back any comments I posted last week. I still don't like their policy of charging credit cards immediately, but as of now, it looks like they have worked hard to come through with the TV. Maybe my negative comments were made too early, and you should check them out this holiday season, at least as of now. We'll see when next week arrives. Just passing on the information. Take care.

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