Sunday, November 22, 2009

Stock Market Video - Weekend Thoughts - 11/22/09

Hi, traders. I'm taking my chances trying to figure this market out again with this video, although a big part of me is doubting the validity of technicals in this crazy environment. If you are like me and use technicals to read the market, you may have had a difficult time in this market over the past few months. Maybe I am the only one experiencing this - I don't know. Anyway, here's an interesting article to check out sent to me by Position Trader about high frequency trading and the affect it is having on traders. I think it is worth a quick read.

In the video, I look at the all-important dollar, which is at a very interesting point and will likely continue to drive trading as we go forward this week. The video also includes some short-term momentum setups that may work if Thanksgiving week proves to be bullish - of course, that again comes back to the question raised in the article. I will not be trading heavily if at all this week due to the holiday, but it is always good to have some ideas on hand just in case. Good luck.

Weekend Thoughts - 11/22/09
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positiontrader said...

Its a holiday week and I doubt if any technicals matter at all.I see an up week on low volume followed by a pullback next week. We will see...

Good Luck next week!

positiontrader said...

Just saw the video...Nice job as always!

I would recommend checking out the solar stocks. Almost all of them beat the estimates and raised the guidance last week. Some solid looking stocks there.