Sunday, November 8, 2009

Stock Market Video - Weekend Market Summary - 11/8/09

Hi, traders. Here's a free video for the weekend - I don't have much time to make a longer, in-depth video so here's another freebie, although I do thank all of you who have purchased the pay version in past weeks. As I've stated many times this week, almost all signals are bearish for this market and if the market follows those signals, I expect more selling to pop up this week. About the only thing I see that this market has going for it is its completely irrational nature this year, and because of that, I only have one short position right now and will wait for confirmation before getting more short. I remember July well, when things looked quite bearish and the market just kept grinding higher, so I know it can happen again. Unfortunately, I don't know what type of research and analysis you do to figure out if it is going to happen again. Hope you enjoy the video, and best of luck in the week ahead.

Weekend Market Summary - 11/8/09

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Anonymous said...

Mac, thanks for the video! Judging by the futures, is there still chance for a pull-back this week? Or the market is going to run up. How could we tell? Thanks!