Friday, November 20, 2009

Consumer Warning - Don't Buy From This Website

The stock market did nothing today - it was quite a boring options expiration. Since it's Friday, I don't have much to say but I will look over things more this week and see what may be happening. I still don't have a good feel overall for many of the reasons I have explained this week.

Although this has nothing to do with the stock market, I wanted to share a consumer experience I had, which I feel is especially appropriate right now as the Christmas holiday season approaches. I have been looking for a new LCD tv for awhile now - one that's a little bigger than the one we have now with better features. Anyway, I found a deal November 1 on for an LG LED tv with a free Wifi Blu-ray player included. The price was excellent and so I went with it as the TV had terrific reviews. The web page said it would be delivered in two to three weeks.

On November 4, I noticed that US Appliance had already charged my credit card the full amount of purchase. I thought this was odd considering they didn't even have the item in stock yet and called to inquire. Their response was that "this is just our policy". No other business that I have ever bought from charged my credit card before the item was in stock and shipped. I didn't even think this was legal, to be honest. I had a problem with this but felt the deal was so good on the TV that I would wait until the three week period was up.

I emailed last week as two weeks came and went and got a response that they were waiting for the stock to still come in and that it might not be until late November now, but they would let me know. After checking in today again as the three week mark approached, I received the following email.

"We are sorry for the delay in updating you on your 47LH90 + free BD390 bundle order. After promising we would have a 47LH90 shipment this week, LG has now informed us that this model is no longer available and they have no models with which to substitute."

Interestingly enough, I called LG and asked about them discontinuing this model, and they said there were no plans to do that. Why would they - it is a very popular and well-reviewed TV.

So basically US-Appliance took an interest-free loan out for three weeks on my behalf and then couldn't deliver the product. If that's the type of company you want to deal with this winter, feel free to do so. To be fair, they were always very polite to me and they did offer me another package when they told me about the cancellation, but it included a blu-ray player that's not even for sale anymore (after checking online it came out in the middle of 2007) and a TV that is somewhat comparable to the original TV, but it is not nearly as well-reviewed. So anyway, I am back to looking for TVs. At least I learned there is one website that I will not even consider in the future as my search progresses. I just wanted to share my experience to hopefully prevent anyone else from having to go through the same ordeal I did. Stay away from US-Appliance.


NYC Trader said...

Mack-Sounds like classic bait and switch!

Mac said...

Right now, I got an email stating they are willing to offer a upgraded LG version of the original TV. Still seeing what this means but if it works out, I will completely retract my comments and let any interested readers know.

positiontrader said...

I know this will interest you Mac....

Mac said...

Very good article and very fitting for right now - makes a lot of sense, at least from my experiences. Maybe I am not the only one. Thanks for the link.