Friday, October 9, 2009

State of the Market - 10/9/09

I think this will be a trend for me from now on for Fridays - short posts with longer summaries/videos over the weekend. It just makes more sense. The market had decent sized gains today but they came on extremely low volume. I'll have more tomorrow or Sunday on what this may mean and where we go from here.

I did make one new trade today - entered SVA but it was too late and I showed a lack of discipline here. I ended up being stopped out later for a small loss. I was also stopped out of both FIRE and CBAK from yesterday as neither showed any follow-through following yesterday's moves. Not much else at all moved today from my watchlist and the day overall seemed very slow.

See you this weekend - time to relax a bit and enjoy the time off.

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fitengine said...

I truly enjoy your posts and hope that you keep them coming. I look forward to reading your take on the market and specific plays each and every day. Please...Keep up the great work!