Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stock Market Video - Weekend Market Summary - 8/30/09

Hi traders -here's a short video with some setups to watch for the upcoming week. After going through my scans, I admit I am basically clueless about the short-term direction of the overall market right now, because we continue to just chop around. Therefore, I have setups that I will watch both short and long for the upcoming week, and if they trigger, I will likely try them with small positions. I still think this is a time to be NON-agressive and smaller positions are one way to do that. I didn't show these charts in the video, but I think GGC, BCRX, and CHINA may be good stocks to watch as possible day-trades. I would not hold these overnight, but they may pop at some point soon. Hopefully as August comes to an end, we can get back to a more normal environment. This market just continues to seem out of whack overall - maybe it's just me. Take care and on a lighter note, check out for my NFL predictions posted earlier today.

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