Sunday, July 26, 2009

Stock Market Videos - Weekend Market Summary - 7/26/09

Hi traders - here are two videos for the upcoming week. If you read my post for Friday, you know where I stand overall on this market. Caution is warranted and I wouldn't be buying stuff left and right based on the overextended nature of things, but I have a few setups that I really like and if they trigger, I will probably enter with tight stops. I will also continue to look for earnings play as the releases keep coming. It should be an interesting week. Best of luck and as always, feel free to leave comments or ask questions if you have any.

Part Two - Long Setups - 7/26/09

As always, you can right click and hit "save as" to save the videos to your computer. If you are having trouble seeing the entire video on your screen - check your resolution. It should be 1280 x 768 or somewhere around there - at least 1280 on the horizontal side.


Anonymous said...

mac, your vids are not showing the month of July.

Mac said...

I've said this before - you need to change the resolution on your monitor so that it is at least 1280 width wise. You could also download the video by hitting right click and save as and then it should fit in your browser (I think).