Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stock Market Videos - Tuesday Market Summary - 7/21/09

Hi traders - here are a few videos for the rest of the week. After going through my scans, a pullback certainly would not be surprising very soon, but I also would not be surprised if we continue to grind higher as well. I do see a few stocks setting up on the long side that interest me and I show you those in the video, but not without pullbacks first, so I will likely continue to sit out aside from possible earnings plays the rest of this week. I put some possible short plays in here in case the overdue pullback does play out - always try to be prepared for anything the market throws at you. Hope the vids help a few of you out there - good luck Wednesday.

Part Two - Long Setups - 7/21/09

As always, you can right click and hit "save as" to save the videos to your computer. Best of luck next week - it should be interesting if nothing else. Take care.


arnis said...

Hi, Ryan!
I'm one of your followers, reading your articles and watching videos every night after work in an attempt to learn trading. Appreciate what you're doing!
All of sudden though in the past couple of days your videos come off-centered on screen so that right side can not be seen. I hope it's something that can be fixed easily?
Once again thank you for information you share and your insight.
Olga M.

Mac said...

Hi Olga - I changed the size to make them bigger and easier to see. Try changing the resolution on your monitor to at least 1280 by 760 or something close to that. That should solve the problem. Perhaps I will just make them a little smaller as someone else had difficulty too. Thanks for letting me know.