Monday, July 27, 2009

Stock Market Video - Monday Market Summary - 7/27/09

Hi traders - here's a video with a few new setups and possibilities for tomorrow, but mostly I went over some pullback/consolidation plays for later this week. I would not buy these particular stocks right now, but as I mention in the video, with rest they may become very attractive. The video also has a quick look at the indices - watch the dollar carefully here as it is sitting right at a key level and a bounce or a break of support will likely cause the market to move the opposite direction. There were quite a few breakouts today even with the market being basically flat - I am taking that as a sign of strength. Good luck tomorrow and as always, feel free to email me with questions or leave comments.

Monday Market Summary - 7/27/09

* I do apologize for the video quality but I've been messing around with it for a while now this evening and something must be up with my computer. I don't know why it is looking like it is, but I have given up for today.

**As always, you can right click and hit "save as" to save the videos to your computer. If you are having trouble seeing the entire video on your screen - check your resolution. It should be 1280 x 768 or somewhere around there - at least 1280 on the horizontal side. By saving the video, you should also be able to see the whole thing if you were previously having trouble.

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Anonymous said...

quality of the video is very fine, no difference to other times, maybe you're having a playback problem, and not a recording problem