Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Video - Tuesday Short Setups - 2/10/09

With the way this market has been so far this year, you can't take anything for granted, but if we do breakdown further tomorrow (which looks like a possibility) then I want to be ready with some shorts. I look at the indices first in the video and then go through some good looking setups that are sitting right on support levels. Hope it helps. Good luck tomorrow and as always, stay on your toes - there are already rumors flying about mark-to-market being suspended, and who knows what that does to this market. We are still in a range but it looks like it may not be for much longer. It would be nice to get a tradeable move one way or the other, wouldn't it?

Direct download link here.

*** I just realized some of the video got cut out for some reason - I also went over FAF, UNP, HUBG, AAPL, and ACM as possible shorts. I have no clue why it did that. Oh well.

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