Monday, January 19, 2009

Weekend Market Summary - 1/19/09 - Waiting Things Out For A Few Days

Well, after getting my share of great football this weekend, I was able to put another video together. Here it is for this past weekend. Main points for the video include:
  • My scans didn't show me many setups on either side of the market and short-term, we aren't really overbought or oversold, so I don't think there is a real edge here in terms of taking trades.
  • I am still looking for a shorting opportunity around 870-880 on the S&P and if we bounce a few more days, I will likely focus there. I don't want to force trades thought the next few days.
  • Financials are very oversold and could bounce at anytime, but I think a bounce will just be another shorting opportunity.
  • Beware of news events right now - earnings plus a new administration plus bank problems equals lots of volatility.
  • Video goes over the indices and what my game plan is for the week.
Weekend Market Summary – 1/19/09

Direct download link here. Good luck this week - be careful the next few days. Go Steelers!

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Randal said...

Not sure if things are going to bounce much more or not. However, judging by the futures this evening, tomorrow isnt looking good for longs or dip buyers.