Saturday, January 3, 2009

Video - Weekend Market Summary - 1/3/08 - Looking for a Pullback

Here's the video for this weekend. Main points for the video include:
  • Extremely overbought here so I am certainly not going to chase longs. Low volume rise makes me even more cautious.
  • If we pullback calmly and hold support levels (at least the 50 day moving averages) then I would reconsider and look for longs. As it is, I am looking to short.
  • Not nearly as many setups as I had last week, but I see a few and show those in the video.
Weekend Market Summary – 1/3/09

Here's Another Link That Should Work - Lesser Quality

*** The server I was using for the past few weeeks crapped out on me yesterday so I am trying to find a new one that I know works. The video was working OK yesterday but if it is not for you, you can download it directly here or here. Sorry for the problem.

In addition, I wanted to point out the sale that is going on at Worden for Telechart. If you have not used this tremendous charting software before, you can try it out now at a discounted rate through January 5. If you buy for a year, you can get the monthly gold service for around $20 a month (normally $29.99). Plus they give you thirty days risk-free for new users to try it out.
Click here for the link that takes you to the sales page if you're interested.

Have a great week - off to watch some football. Take care.


Anonymous said...

The video always worked for me before but this time it says "Access denied! The file is not available because you are either not logged-in or do not have the owner's permission to view it."
I tried it in both, Firefox and Explorer.

Mac said...

Sorry about that - I had to switch servers and accidentally had it set as a private file. It should work now - tried it here on both Firefox and IE. Let me know if you have any other problems.

gofordream75 said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi Mac,

Video is not working yet.



Charlie G. said...

Wild day on Friday. btw, this Indy-SD game is turning out good. off topic, butnis kid 1 adjusting to kid 2?

Mac said...

Try the video again guys - server I normally use has been messed up today. I put a direct download link too.

Charlie, kid 1 is adjusting pretty well - two and a half year olds are pretty oblivious to most things. He'll say hi to the baby and then run off to play with some toys. So far so good though. Those games were good yesterday. I hope my Steelers can get the Dolphins next round instead of the Chargers but I am expecting the Ravens to win today.