Thursday, January 29, 2009

Video - Short Setups for Friday - 1/29/08

It's is definitely an adjustment going from one to two kids, and time has been at a premium, so it's been difficult to get many videos out. Just wanted to point that out for those that wondered where the vids might be. I did want to put some short setups out there for tomorrow and that's what this video focuses on. I am already short from today and tomorrow may not be the optimal time to short, but if the bulls don't make a stand early tomorrow, then I think we head lower and shorting will probably be the right play. None of my positions are full ones, so if they break down further tomorrow, I will likely add. If not, I will be out with small losses or flat on these positions and just continue to be frustrated. I don't know which of those outcomes to expect. Good luck Friday.


Big Trend Trader said...

Don't get frustrated CST. Many of the best traders out there have been getting whipsawed. I admire the honesty of your blogging and your trades. Keep up the good work.

clint said...

This is a great start for us newly traders. I am expecting too much and positively to the blogs that you have.Hope this will rest assure that you`ll keep writing more interesting blogs.

gofordream75 said...

I realy enjoy your videos and analysis.

Having said that, bear market will fool even the best of the traders.

another nasty leg down is coming in next few weeks!!