Sunday, December 28, 2008

Video - Weekend Market Summary - 12/28/08 - Some Setups for the New Year

Here's the video for this weekend. I am not planning on trading for a number of reasons this week, but I would expect volume to pick up starting January 5 and I am getting my watchlists ready for that week. Main points for the video include:
  • Still in a trading range and I expect it to continue this week with the holiday trading.
  • Still seeing more short setups compared to the number of long setups I see. That has me still leaning more bearish on the overall market come 2009.
  • As always, though, I am open to whatever the market wants to do. I will look for volume as confirmation for a move above 920 (breakout) or below 850 (breakdown).
  • This will be the last video for this year as my wife is giving birth Tuesday and my focus will move from trading stocks to changing diapers for at least a few weeks until we get in a routine with two kids instead of one. If the blog posts slow down, you know why.
Have a great week and I wish all my readers the happiest of New Years. Now off to watch some football - too many great games this week to miss any of them. Take care.

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BUY ON THE DIP said...

congrats on the baby!!!

cheers to a great ohhhhh 9!

pikkles said...

Thanks for all your hard work and congrats on the baby. You are the best kept secret on the internet.

Mac said...

Thanks guys. Appreciate it.

szaman said...

Mac- Congrats! Mine is 18 months old.Cant wait for the next one, whenever that might be. It's a wonderful feeling.

elkate said...

Hi Mac,

First of all, congrats on the upcoming addition, it's exciting I'm sure.
I have been meaning to ask you that for a long time: how or what is your system to follow so many stocks in real time, how do you do that.



Srinivas said...

Congrats on the baby; happy fun and a very good new year.

AC Investor Blog said...

Happy new Year dear friend !!!

My family will also grow in the coming year....

All the best !!!

Charlie G. said...

congrats again, happy new year and thanks for the educational videos!

jason said...


Thanks so much for your hard work this in 2008.

Here's to a healthy, more prosperous 2009.

Thanks again.

Mac said...

Thanks guys for the well wishes. I hope everyone has a great 2009!