Thursday, December 11, 2008

Video - Thursday Market Summary - 12/11/08 - Looking for Short Setups

New video for tonight - main points include:
  • Today certainly was a bearish day as three-day support was broken and futures are already down for tomorrow. A further breakdown would likely signal an end to this rally.
  • Retail and financial ETFs look particularly bearish which is not good for the overall market.
  • Video focuses mainly on short setups for tomorrow - lots of stocks that look like they may be failing at their 50 day moving averages.

**** Here's a link that should work better for IE users if the first link doesn't work


RNJ said...

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Anonymous said...

Excellent video. Great analysis.


SkyTrader said...

great video - thanks for the ideas. nice catch on the SWK volume. looking for follow-thru tomorrow

Gio said...

Good vid Mac. those charts... its amazing how they just rally to resistance and get knocked.

tomorrow, I am expecting the unexpected. I'm really going into this with a contrarian's heart since we probably sell off on auto news.

For now, I'm 100% short (Vix kindah made a short short term bottom today. glad i obeyed it.)

Gio said...

... i gotta figure out how to download your vids to my iPod, that way I can watch it at the gym instead of the Golf Channel.