Monday, December 1, 2008

Video - Monday Market Summary - 12/1/08

Here's the video for tonight. One topic I discuss is why I sold my inverse ETFs today, although I am completely aware that we could fall another 4-5% tomorrow very easily with no bounce. Anything is possible in this market. The selling in the last hour seemed a little panicky to me so I am thinking we may get a few hours of a bounce attempt tomorrow before heading lower the rest of the week. We'll see if it works out that way. Regardless, I will be looking to get short again on any bounce and think we are likely headed to test the recent lows at some point soon. Good luck Tuesday.

**** Here's a link that should work better for IE users if the first link doesn't work.


Fred said...

Great video....thanks !

What a day !!!

Expect the unexpected


Mac said...

"Expect the Unexpected"

Exactly. We are truly in historical times. That's the main reason I took profits yesterday is because this market has proven so volatile that I know they could disappear in a matter of a few hours.