Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Video - Wednesday Market Summary

Here's a video for this evening and some thoughts on where we may be headed next. The selling is looking rather climactic (although volume isn't that heavy) and sentiment seems to be about as negative as I can remember. That doesn't mean we are going to rally - let's start with just an end to the selling first. I will likely be sitting tomorrow and Friday out because I don't feel real comfortable chasing shorts but we will have to see what happens. Good luck.

**** Here's a link that should work better for IE users if the first link doesn't work.

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swingtrader said...

I like the video - really shows how widespread the selling has been and how we are at an important point in this move lower - where the rubber meets the road.

I too am mostly standing aside, and I am seeing no long setups so seems like I can only trade one direction at this point if at all.