Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Video - Some Possible Short Setups for Tomorrow

Here's a video highlighting some of the setups I am seeing after going through my scans. As of now, I am expecting more downside tomorrow, and if we get that, then I think we may be looking at another possible retest of the recent lows. Bulls need to step up in a hurry here. That being said, futures are down right now and that may make it difficult to get good entries tomorrow. We shall see - nothing this market does surprise me so I won't be surprised tomorrow. Good luck.

**** 7:29 AM - For some reason, the site I host the videos on is down. Hopefully it will get back up soon but if nothing is showing up in the pop-up window, it is the hosting site. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Bought some FXP during mid-day but unfortunately got stopped out due my tight stop order. Wish I had it overnight now. Will look to buy it again tomorrow with a looser stop loss and can hopefully see it run up by Friday. Good luck !

hs1935 said...

I cannot get your video to play. What program do I need to download in order to play the video? Thanks..

Anonymous said...

I remember you having SVR on your short list a while ago, look what happened today, 41% down.

Mac said...

Quite a big move - I assume it has to be earnings related. I got out of that short a while ago. I actually thought it might be setting up a possible base in early August - obviously not.