Monday, May 5, 2008

Short-Term Charts to Watch

I don't have time to post the individual charts but you can check them out and ask any questions you may have.

IDSA - Broke out at the end of the day - earnings related. Very low float so can move in a hurry.

GSI, AUTH, EW, HMA - All forming flag patterns and have 9 day moving average close by which should act as support in the short-term.

SUTR - Chart is choppy but had a rise in volume today.

TECUA - Pulled back to the 50 day moving average on lower volume, should get support here. Stop below it in case it doesn't.

Others to Watch: PSEM, JRJC, MPWR, BMRN - I need a few more days of rest on these charts before becoming really interested.

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