Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Few Stocks to Watch

I didn't have time to post any charts last night but it doesn't matter too much. There's still not much to get overly excited about, and caution is the name of the game right now. Here are a few to watch and be ready for if we can finally get some follow-through:

  • AEHR has pulled back to its breakout point and got support at its 20 day moving average. It is a very thin stock however so I would be extremely careful with this.
  • MRB had a nice day and seems poised to break above this flag pattern.
  • VISN is a new stock and has also pulled back to its breakout point and 20 day moving average. One worth watching.
  • OTEX is still holding up well and has formed a handle on its cup pattern after holding support.
  • BKE has had two straight up days on higher volume. Maybe, just maybe, if the market heads higher, it can break out of this flat base.

Unfortunately, that's about it. Not much else that looks tremendous. Sorry, but that's what the market is giving us. Good luck today and remain careful!

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