Saturday, December 29, 2007

Top Stocks of 2007 - FSLR

Next up is FSLR, which I mentioned has had almost a 1000% move in 2007, going from around $25 to $275. (I hope my math is correct here.) After looking at this chart in detail, I think this would be extremely difficult to hold through the entire move based simply on technical aspects. I saw many sell signals throughout, but the stock just kept motoring along after some weakness. Someone else might look at these signals and think nothing of them - patience is something I definitely to need to develop and work on as a trader. Again, the fundamentals of this stock were superb through the entire year - this was not some fad stock that had no earnings or growth. It had and has both, and is the leader of what has become the hottest sector I can remember in a while. Will that sector strength last after such a huge run? I don't know - that's why trading is hard. We already looked at what happened to DRYS when it was done. However, I think there was a clearer top in that stock than I am seeing in the solars. It should be interesting to watch where they go from here.

First Chart - The First Base and Run-Up

Second Chart - First Sell Test

Third Chart - A Major Run and a Major Sell Point (Maybe)

Fourth Chart - Another Major Gap Up - Is it a Climax?

Fifth Chart - Overall and Current Look

Charts from Telechart 2007, Courtesy of Worden Brothers, Inc.

Tomorrow, I am going to try and look at BIDU (up about 220% since May) and a few others. If you want to study some of the top stock of 2007 on your own, and you have Telechart, it is quite easy to do. Simply click on the "All Stocks" list and then sort it by "Price Growth Rate 1 Year". You will see a list of the top performing stocks for the past year. Some that I am going to look at if time allows include CROX, GHM, LPHI, FTK, MOS, MTL, TRCR, CRNT, and ACH. If you are looking for bigger stocks, checkout the ones everyone seems to know - AAPL, RIMM, and ISRG.

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